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Vision Board: Set Goals and Intentions

Last week I talked about how for some of us, it’s more helpful to choose a word as an intention than to set a resolution. While I do believe this, I didn’t mean that we shouldn’t set goals. In fact, I believe that setting goals- and visualizing them- is one of the best ways to grow and move forward in life. That’s where a vision board comes in.

What is a vision board?

There a lot of ways to create a vision board, but overall, the goal is usually the same. What do you want out of your future? From your big dreams to your tiny wishes, you can use your vision board as a base to consistently remind you of your intentions and what you’re working towards.

When should you create yours?

Again, there are no firm rules here. A lot of people create a vision board each January, setting their intentions for the year. Others create one at the beginning of each quarter and some create a new one once they’ve achieved or changed the goals from their previous board. Basically, whenever you want to start working towards new goals, you can create (or edit) a vision board. Personally, I create a new vision board for each year, usually working on it throughout the December prior.

What should you put on your vision board?

As I mentioned earlier, vision boards are for both big and small goals. There are big things like a trip to Disney World to getting a raise to remodeling your kitchen… Or everyday things like read a book a month, limit eating out, do yoga… You can simply add words that express how you want to feel- joy, calm, peaceful. You can skip words all together and just display photos that embody your intentions. Everything and anything can go on your vision board- it’s completely up to you! Whatever you want to feel, accomplish, or do- add it to your board.

Figure out what will make you happy. What do you want to spend more of your time doing? Do you want to start a new hobby, spend more time with family, improve a skill- put it on the board. Are you looking to be more present, more active, or more calm? Are there things you’d like to leave behind or move forward from? New beliefs you want to embrace? Put them on the board.

How do you do it?

One of the most popular ways to vision board is to cut photos and words out of magazines, print images from your computer, gather all of the stickers you can, and use colored pens to create a display that captures what you’d like to visualize and manifest. Others create their vision board completely on their computer using programs like photoshop, illustrator or canva.

Do vision boards work?

Vision boards can work, but only if you do. It isn’t simply putting something on the board and then bam! It happens. (Though sometimes, you’d be surprised!) Many of the things we put on our vision boards require work, effort and intention. But by putting it our vision board, we have a constant reminder of what we are working towards.  This helps us to be intentional with our actions and priorities in order to move forward. It can also help to act as a vibe check, reminding us to work on our mindset and help us with manifesting. The key is to display your vision board somewhere that you will see it often. (I keep mine right above my desk so that I see it every single day.) This helps keep your goals at the front of your mind and therefore helps you to act with intention.

Need some material for your vision board?

If you’re going to go the physical route of building a vision board, I have a ton of stickers in my etsy shop that embody empowerment, healing, strength and increased self-worth.

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