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scrapbook style page with photo of grave yard, dried flowers, ripped paper and title Grieving Estranged Relationships

Grieving Estranged Relationships

Grief is a complex and tricky emotion that doesn’t really follow any rules or specific formula. Everyone goes through it differently and the circumstances can vary big time. One big form of grieving comes from mourning the loss of a relationship that’s no longer a part of our lives, whether by choice or circumstance. An …

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scrapbook layout with pink background, dried flowers and photo of woman meditating

Intuition vs Fear

We all have that inner voice guiding us through life’s twists and turns. But sometimes, it gets a bit hazy, and we can’t tell if it’s our intuition or the echoes of past traumas playing tricks on us. It can be tricky figuring out whether we’re being guided by our gut or by fear. I’ve …

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scrapbook page with woman looking into sun, dried flowers and title Life after Trauma: A Journey

Life after Trauma: A Journey

Life after trauma can be a difficult and challenging journey. It can feel like your world has been turned upside down and everything you knew has been completely shattered. But with time and support, it is possible to rebuild and find a new sense of normalcy. It’s even possible to make things better than they …

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scrapbook page with dried flowers and photo of hands holding pen while journaling

Journaling: one of the best tools in the toolbox

This isn’t my first post on the benefits of journaling and it certainly won’t be my last. I will probably continue to sing about the benefits forever because it has been so instrumental in my own healing journey. I’m one hundred percent sure that I would not be as far along as I am without …

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scrapbook page with dried flowers, photo of girl from behind, and title Trauma and self-blame: It’s not your fault.

Trauma and self-blame: It’s not your fault.

If you’re here, I probably don’t have to tell you that self-blame is a very common side effect of trauma. Rather than holding the person who hurt us accountable, many of us tend to take responsibility and try to figure out where we went wrong. Well, I’m here to tell you to cut that shit …

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scrapbook page with dried flowers, photo of girl dancing and title There is life after trauma.

There is life after trauma.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that I’ve had my fair share of trauma. But in case you’re new here, I’ll do a quick rundown of why I’ve become an expert in the field of recovery and why that is how I know that there is life after trauma. My Trauma …

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scrapbook page with photo of dirty shoes, dried flowers and title breaking down mental abuse and neglect

Breaking Down Mental Abuse and Neglect

If you’ve been following along this month, I’ve been talking about the different types of abuse leading up to how it shows up in cycles and affects our relationships. This week, I’m going to focus on two major categories: mental abuse and neglect. I’ll start with mental abuse. Mental abuse comes in many forms and …

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scrap book page with pressed flowers and photo of a hug and title toxic positivity

Toxic Positivity: Not the Comfort We Think it is.

Almost everyone has dealt with toxic positivity in one way or another. Unfortunately, most of us have also dealt out our fair share of it unintentionally. In these situations, we think we’re helping, but in reality, we’re doing more harm than good. There are two types of toxic positivity that I want to address. The …

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body dysmorphia woman's hands holding a mirror with dried flowers

Body Dysmorphia: An Introduction

There’s a chance that you haven’t heard the term ‘body dysmorphia’ before, but I can guarantee you’ve at least heard of some of the effects it can have. For example: self-harm, depression, low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, anorexia, bulimia, binging, or excessive working out. (To be clear, these are examples of some things that …

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