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scrapbook page with polariod showing a woman's hand writing in a notebook, dried flowers with pink tape, and the title creating boundaries: the 5 step process

Creating Boundaries: The 5 Step Process

Last week, I talked about the warning signs that you might need to set firmer boundaries. If any of those signs were relatable, then it’s time to take action and start prioritizing your own needs. Setting healthy boundaries is an necessary act of self-care and self-respect. But knowing how to choose, set, and enforce your …

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scapbook page with photo of hand, dried flowers, ripped paper and title Firmer Boundaries: Protect Your Mental Health and Well-Being

Firmer Boundaries: Protect Your Mental Health and Well-Being

Setting healthy boundaries is essential for maintaining positive relationships and protecting our mental and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, a lot of us struggle with boundary-setting. This often leads to resentment, anxiety, and exhaustion. We end up getting taken advantage of and feeling less than. It makes it hard to be our best and most authentic selves. …

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