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scrapbook papers, dried flowers and a photo of a woman holding a notebook, and text that says Managing Body Dysmorphia

Managing Body Dysmorphia

Earlier this month I wrote about body dysmorphia and some of my experience with it. This week, I’d like to focus on how I manage it and some things you can try if you also suffer from it. As I mentioned before, body dysmorphia can make it very difficult to live a happy and fulfilling …

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accept a compliment

Learn to accept a compliment. (This is not a request.)

Do you struggle with accepting a compliment? You either deflect immediately or respond with why it’s not true or with something self-deprecating? Or maybe you smile uncomfortably and in your mind, you start trying to figure out what that person’s angle is? You start wondering why they’re buttering you up, what they’re trying to get …

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the only way to beat a narcissist is to leave.

The only way to beat a narcissist is to leave.

How to define a narcissist… To keep it simple, a narcissist is someone who thinks so highly of themselves that they legitimately only see others for what they can provide. There is no empathy or real love to give- they just take and take until you have nothing left. A narcissist will never accept blame, …

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