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collage style with a photo of woman reading a book in the bath, dried flowers and the title 10 easy and free self care ideas

10 Easy and FREE Self Care Ideas

I talk a lot about how important self care is while healing and getting empowered. But have you ever thought about what self-care truly means? It’s not just about pampering yourself with luxurious bubble baths or treating yourself to a decadent dessert (although those things can definitely help!). Self-care is also about taking care of …

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scapbook page with photo of hand, dried flowers, ripped paper and title Firmer Boundaries: Protect Your Mental Health and Well-Being

Firmer Boundaries: Protect Your Mental Health and Well-Being

Setting healthy boundaries is essential for maintaining positive relationships and protecting our mental and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, a lot of us struggle with boundary-setting. This often leads to resentment, anxiety, and exhaustion. We end up getting taken advantage of and feeling less than. It makes it hard to be our best and most authentic selves. …

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scrapbook page with dried flowers, photo of woman holding baby, and title Mom Guilt? Not Today.

Mom Guilt? Not Today.

I’ve written before about how toxic positivity can be a major problem for moms… But you know what goes hand in hand with that? Mom guilt! No matter where you look, it seems to be everywhere- all of the things you should and should not be doing, all of the things you should and should …

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scrapbook page with dried flowers, title of burnout and girl with head in her hands

Burnout is real.

Lately, I’ve been taking on a lot. Raising two kids, running two businesses, home renovations, healing psychically and mentally from surgery and complications, continuing to heal from trauma and ptsd, craft fairs… All while trying to make sure that I provide an amazing supportive and loving environment for my children to grow up in, supporting …

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scrapbook page with hand holding pen, dried flowers and ripped paper

Affirmations: Change How You Think.

Hello lovely people. I hope you’re having a fabulous day full of confidence! But just in case you’re a little lacking in the believing in yourself part today, I wanted to bring you a post about affirmations. Last week, I wrote a short bit about how affirmations can be a tool to use in combatting …

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'taking time to rest does not make you a failure' written in black over a pink background

Rest is important

I was reminded recently that I don’t need to do everything everyday. In fact, it’s impossible. Rest is self care and so important. And so I decided to take some time off. I spent a few days doing nothing but cuddling with my girl, coloring and watching cartoons. Between her molars coming in, her getting over …

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Healing from a Narcissistic relationship

Healing From a Narcissistic Relationship

Two weeks ago I shared about what Narcissistic Personality Disorder is (link) and last week I shared some examples from my own past of interacting with a Narcissist (link). This week, I wanted to share a little bit about healing from a narcissistic relationship. Not everyone heals the same. It’s important to note that some …

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