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scrapbook page with dried flowers, photo of woman holding baby, and title Mom Guilt? Not Today.

Mom Guilt? Not Today.

I’ve written before about how toxic positivity can be a major problem for moms… But you know what goes hand in hand with that? Mom guilt! No matter where you look, it seems to be everywhere- all of the things you should and should not be doing, all of the things you should and should …

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scrapbook page with dried flowers, text and a photo of womans hand holding baby feet

Toxic Positivity: a Major Problem for Moms.

If you’ve been following along, this site mostly focused on toxic positivity for the month of June. Before I move on to my next topic (anxiety), I actually have one more branch of toxic positivity that I want to touch on. And that is the one that brings on the mom guilt. Being that I …

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cloth diaper feature

Cloth diapers are a game changer.

I remember when I was pregnant, I thought about cloth diapers. But then, like a lot of people, I was like ‘eww gross no, I don’t want to have to clean the poop out of them!’ And so in the beginning of Emily’s life, we did disposables. From what I remember, as this was a …

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