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scrapbook page with dried flowers, photo of vision boarding and title Vision Board: Set Goals and Intentions

Vision Board: Set Goals and Intentions

Last week I talked about how for some of us, it’s more helpful to choose a word as an intention than to set a resolution. While I do believe this, I didn’t mean that we shouldn’t set goals. In fact, I believe that setting goals- and visualizing them- is one of the best ways to …

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Jealousy isn't flattering... but being supportive is!

Jealousy isn’t flattering… but being supportive is!

I wish I could say that I’ve never experienced jealousy or bitterness, and that I’ve always chose to support other women from the start. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. A recent example comes to mind pretty quickly actually. My sister recently started her own DIY side hustle and it turns out, she’s pretty great at …

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