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quitting doesn't make you a failure

Quitting doesn’t make you a failure.

It was a very difficult decision that I battled with for a long time, but I decided to close Deer Danni. At first, I was hesitant because it felt like I was admitting that I was a failure. I had worked so hard on this shop for years, and quitting felt like I was saying …

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hairbow holder

DIY Hair Bow Holder

Any other girl moms drowning in hair bows? I know I can’t be the only one! Granted, since bows are one of my biggest sellers over in my etsy shop and my daughter is my main product tester, she may have more than the average girl… But still, even if you don’t have hundreds of …

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Rainbow box toy

Make it yourself: Rainbow Sorting Box Toy

Okay so my daughter has a LOT of toys- some days, it’s everywhere you look: toy, toy, toy. Almost half of them were second hand and a lot of the others were gifts, but the point is, she’s got a lot of options. And yet, despite the fun noises and flashing lights that a lot …

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