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scrapbook page with dried flowers and photo of woman walking in the road, title Stop Overthinking and Start Living.

Stop Overthinking and Start Living.

As trauma survivors, many of us deal with a very real roadblock on our healing journey: overthinking. I’m sure you’ve probably had those moments… You find yourself dwelling on one thought or problem for a really long time. Rumination becomes obsession as you analyze every aspect of the situation again and again until you’re so …

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scrapbook page with dried flowers, photo of therapy and title Hypnotherapy and keeping an open mind

Hypnotherapy and keeping an open mind

Despite what you see on TV, hypnotherapy isn’t just going into a room, lying down on a couch and staring at a watch until you go into a trance and having someone change your thoughts or memories or feelings. (There are definitely times I wish it was that easy!) While I one hundred percent believe …

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scrapbook page with dried flowers and woman holding knees

High Functioning Anxiety- a well kept secret

I’ve talked about anxiety on this blog multiple times, but often as a side note to another topic. This time, I’m going to focus on that anxiety. I have been dealing with high functioning anxiety for most of my life. It stems from my childhood, mostly from my relationship with my father. I know, I …

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fearless: My Word for the Year.

Fearless: My Word for the Year.

For 2022, I’ve decided to be fearless. It’s going to be hard and tricky at times, but I’ve thought really hard about it and I’m determined to make it happen. Not only determined, but excited. I’m done holding myself back because I’m afraid of what might happen. 2022 is going to be different. I’m going …

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Be inspired and calm, mama

Be Inspired and Calm, Mama

Hello Everyone- time for another guest post! Let me introduce you to Brianna, an awesome mama who I met recently and was immediately impressed with. I recommend that you check out her blog as soon as you finish reading this article for even more awesome content because she is FULL of great tips, compassion and …

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Triggers: they don't have to own us anymore.

Triggers: They don’t have to own us anymore.

It goes without saying that triggers are not fun. They are uncomfortable and emotional and can be really painful. Often, they lead to despair, depression, and anger. They can even send you spiraling into a breakdown in the right circumstances. I know I used to feel so weak when something would trigger me. It would …

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you may be an overthinker

You May Be An Overthinker

It took me a really long time to realize that not everyone thinks the way that I do. Not everyone has a million thoughts going on in their head at a time, ALL of the time. Not everyone worries about every little detail or analyzes every word that comes out of their mouth for hours …

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