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Sometimes a Guide Is Just What You Need

Starting something new can be a lot of things- scary, exciting, intimidating, nerve-wracking, exhilarating… Having a guide can make a huge difference in how you are affected, and give you that confidence boost that you need to get started. You can use their expertise to jumpstart your journey to self-discovery and success!

A guide can be powerful.

When it comes to new things, you don’t always know what direction to turn, how to get started, or how to move forward when you get stuck. Guidance means someone being there to point you in the right direction which can be helpful for a few reasons.


When overwhelm hits, your guide can be there to help break things down into easier to manage steps and find clarity on which to do first.


A guide can hold you accountable to stay on track and stick to your goals.

Inspiration and motivation:

When you don’t know where to start or are starting to doubt yourself, a guide can help you to figure out your next move and remind you of why you started in the first place.


Since guides are usually pretty informed, they’re able to help you to make decisions or maybe even figure out what decisions you need to make.

Guides don’t always need to be people.

Sometimes, your guide can be a journal. Or rather, a guided journal. On one hand, the person who wrote the journal is still sort of guiding you, but there’s no actual interaction and you have a lot more control. It’s a tool in written form that can be extremely effective.

Guided journals are usually gull of templates, prompts or exercises that can offer the user with structure to easier explore thoughts, feelings and goals. There may be questions that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own which can help you to look at things from a different angle or new approach. There are also often sections for tracking or noting things which can help hold you accountable leading to easier success.

I’m personally a big fan of guided journals.

I started using guided journals back when I was in college. From tracking my dreams to fighting burnout to learning to let things go… It seemed like there was a journal for everything! There were many that I loved and others that I found very lacking. But overall, I was always a big fan and felt like I got a lot out of them when I put the work in. Through using journals, I was able to figure out some of the goals I wanted to achieve and work on creating a roadmap for success. I was able to track my fitness goals, nutrition and water goals and work towards getting healthier physically. Exploring my values and figuring out what would lead to greater fulfillment became easier. Overall, I was able to get closer to becoming the version of myself that I really want to be.

But as I said, there were some areas where I felt the journals available were lacking. And so I decided to create some of my own to fill in those gaps. As of today, I have six physical journals available on amazon, one digital journal available for free download on my website, and another digital available for purchase.

Here is a sneak peak at those options, in case you have any interest:

Redefine Your Limits: Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

Unleash your inner strength, embrace your potential, and overcome self-limiting beliefs with this empowering guided journal. Use it to kick start your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Inside these pages, you will find a thought-provoking prompts, empowering affirmations, and practical exercises to challenge the beliefs that hold you back. Dive deep into self-reflection, identify your self-limiting beliefs, and learn powerful techniques to reframe negative thoughts. You will gain the tools and insights to cultivate self-confidence, build resilience, and create a life aligned with your true passions and aspirations. The goal of this journal is to inspire and motivate you to push beyond your comfort zone and ignite your spirit. Empower yourself to break free from the limitations you’ve placed upon yourself by conquering your self-limiting beliefs, so that you can unlock your full potential and live a life filled with purpose, joy, and authenticity. Discover the incredible and powerful person that you are meant to be and step into the life you deserve. Get it here.

Dreams and Revelations: Dream Journal

Step into the captivating realm of dreams and self-discovery with your very own dream journal. Delve into the mystery of the connection between dreams and our subconscious mind and you might just be surprised by what you discover! Maybe you’ll even unravel hidden meanings, symbols, and emotions buried within each dream as you embark on a thrilling quest of self-exploration. Let your dreams become the compass guiding you through uncharted territories of your inner world. Discover untapped potentials, heal old wounds, and find new pathways to understanding yourself. Embrace the fantastical, bizarre, and awe-inspiring narratives that unfold as you write the stories of your soul, one dream at a time. This is a daily dream journal to track your dreams for a full year on your journey of self-discovery, featuring a place to describe your dream, as well as analyze it. It can be found here.

Look What I Did: A Daily Journal of Bragging

Discover the power of celebrating YOU! This journal isn’t just about recording wins; it’s about embracing every triumph, big or small, and turning them into stepping stones toward your dreams. Each page is an invitation to record your achievements, whether they’re personal, professional, relational, or health-related. With dedicated spaces to describe your victory and share your feelings, this journal is your daily dose of motivation and self-appreciation. Get ready to embark on a journey of celebrating progress, and watch how each success fuels your unstoppable momentum. Lay the foundation for the life that you want to live. This journal provides space to record 450 wins and can be found here.

Everyday Gratitude: A Daily Journal of Noticing

Discover the secret to a happier life through the power of gratitude. Let this journal be your daily companion on a journey to find joy in the ordinary and beauty in life’s simplest moments. With its easy format, it only takes a few minutes each day to uncover the treasures of gratitude. There is a page for each week of the next three years, providing a space for you to daily capture the blessings that surround you… the everyday whispers of happiness, the fleeting sparks of contentment, and the subtle threads that weave a tapestry of thankfulness. Embrace the positivity, reduce stress, and create a brighter outlook – Start now, unlock the power of gratitude and change the way you see the world, one day at a time. This book will provide you the space to practice gratitude every day for the next three years and can be found here.

Journey of Faith: A Daily Journal of Prayer

“Journey of Faith: A Guided Journal of Prayer” is a safe place where you can discover the power of spirituality in your daily life. Within these pages, you can find comfort, inspiration, and connection as you embark on a transformative journey. Explore the three sections—Prayer Requests, Prayer of the Day, and Answered Prayers—as you move forward on the path of introspection, gratitude, and growth. Go deeper on your path to self-discovery and strengthen your connection to the divine. Embrace the art of prayer, and let your faith unfold beautifully in every word you write. This contains a template for 364 days’ worth of prayer journaling and can be found here.

Moments of Grace: A Daily Journal of Joy

Embrace a daily ritual of positivity as you explore a year of self-discovery, celebrating each day’s moments of joy and appreciation. Experience the uplifting power of gratitude and positivity, boost your well-being, and nurture mindfulness in your journey. The more good you notice and acknowledge, the more you call into your life! Each page of this journal acts as a canvas for your personal growth, capturing your unique reflections, goals, affirmations and kindness. What are you waiting for? Start calling in more joy today by grabbing the journal here.

Journaling to Thrive

A workbook to help you process trauma so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start thriving. Available as a FREE digital download here.

two hands holding the meet your hidden self workbook on a desk

Meet Your Hidden Self:

Shadow work is a form of self-exploration that looks at the parts of ourselves we’ve hidden away. It’s the parts of us that we sometimes pretend don’t exist: fears, insecurities, traumas, and maybe even some unflattering tendencies. By looking at these not-so-fun parts of ourselves, we’re able to achieve some big-time healing and empowerment. This journal is an introduction and can be found here.

Have a guide by your side.

Starting something new doesn’t have to be scary. Grab yourself a guided journal- whether one of mine or someone else’s- and start living more confidently. And of course, if you’d prefer an actual guide, check out my coaching programs and let me know how I can help. Regardless of the path you choose, I’m rooting for you!

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