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Rest is important

I was reminded recently that I don’t need to do everything everyday. In fact, it’s impossible. Rest is self care and so important. And so I decided to take some time off. I spent a few days doing nothing but cuddling with my girl, coloring and watching cartoons. Between her molars coming in, her getting over a cold, and me growing this baby, it has definitely been needed for both of us.

Plus, one of my doctors told me that based on the position of this baby, he could be joining us at any point really, so it’s nice to get in as much quality time just me and her as possible. She can definitely sense that a change is coming soon and has been all about the nonstop cuddles and hugs, which I’m all too happy to give. 😊

At first, I felt like I was neglecting my businesses, but then I realized that since part of my mission statement is preaching self care, this is EXACTLY what I should be doing for my business too. Resting and taking care of my physical and emotional needs.

And so I wanted to share this little reminder with you- resting doesn’t mean failure. It means taking the time to do what’s best for you, so that when you jump back on that horse, you’re well rested and ready to go. 💜

Have you taken time to rest lately?

(I’ll be back next week to continue my series on body dysmorphia)

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