natural remedies for aches & pains

Natural Remedies for Aches & Pains

I’m really excited to introduce you to Erica Tseng, a certified holistic coach with a lot of wisdom. We met knowing we had the common ground of being moms as well as entrepreneurs, but discovered we had a lot more in common, such as both having fibromyalgia. While I struggled through medication after medication over the years to find that nothing helped and usually ended up making things worse, Erica discovered holistic medicine which changed her life. I was so excited as she shared some of her info with me that I immediately joined the Facebook group she runs with Sarah Breaux. I’m continuing to learn so much from them, I definitely recommend checking it out. In the meantime, Erica has graciously agreed to share some basics that you can do at home to get started if you want to try out some natural options. I’ll turn it over to her now:

Natural Remedies for Aches & Pains

Holistic medicine provides alternatives that are easy to use, safe for the family and inexpensive. Western medicine pain medications can have many negative side effects and can have lasting damage to the body if used improperly or too often. Living with fibromyalgia, I have found alternative medicine to be more effective for pain management because there are no negative side effects and the risk for use is very low. Holistic medicine also provides an opportunity for the body to heal and the pain to improve over time, instead of causing damage to the body extending the pain. My goal for everyone using alternative medicine under my care is to entirely eliminate pain or drastically improve using various tools and techniques. Today I wanted to go over some of my most favorite, safe and affordable options you can use at home and start immediately.


Magnesium is a great way to relax muscles and to sooth cramps and pain. Most of the population is deficient in magnesium, which is essential for so many of our bodily functions. There are both topical and oral types of magnesium. I tend to pick topical to bypass the digestive system as too much can cause loose stools. Magnesium lotion is a great option as it takes the “sting” out of using that sometimes happens when applying when you have a magnesium deficiency. It can be used by the whole family also, so it is a safe form for everyone. I love using magnesium lotion for my kids before they go to sleep!

Epsom salt is a topical form to use for baths, soaks and bandages. I like to mix a handful into a tub of warm water for a foot soak, or adding a cupful to a hot bath. It helps me to soothe sore muscles, detox or just enjoy a nice relaxing bath for some extra pampering. This is an inexpensive and easy way to incorporate magnesium to help relieve muscle pains. It is readily found at most stores or grocery stores also. Tip: I get mine from the dollar store!

Essential Oils

Essential oils are powerful concentrated forms of plants sold in small dark bottles with a dropper. These are the first items I used getting into holistic medicine many years ago while I was starting my career in graduate school for Oriental Medicine. They are so incredibly effective and easy to use. I enjoy using them safely with my kids as well and they have helped them with everything ranging from muscle pain to being sick. They also smell amazing! I love to diffuse a fall blend or holiday blend in the winter time to have a great non-toxic option to make the house smell good.

For aches and pains my favorite is Frankincense essential oil. In Chinese medicine we use it topically for injuries and pain. I find this oil to be extremely healing and use it with any kind of bodily issues. This is also a favorite of mine for migraines. I also like the various pain relief blends. There are many that are made by all kinds of different companies. It is a skill to be able to properly blend single oils to make blends, so I usually opt for the pre made blends that are ready to use. There are other single oils that can used for more specific pain. For example, lemongrass is amazing for costochondritis.


The mind-body connection is a huge part of experiencing pain. Your brain has the ability to aid the body in healing itself just by the way you think. There are plenty of studies supporting this fascinating connection and the importance of it for health. The unconscious talk that goes through our mind each day can shape the way we connect with our body and notice factors like pain.

Meditation is a great tool with so many positive effects including pain management and relief. There are many kinds of meditation whether you want to sit in silence, relax and clear your mind or if you want to listen to someone else take you through a guided meditation. I like this option because of all the positive effects it has besides pain relief. This is an extremely effective tool for stress relief and anxiety. It is also free and great for the entire family. Many people choose to find videos on YouTube or have apps they like for options for guided meditations. This does take some practice to start especially if your mind tends to wander. Over time it does become easy and you only need to a small amount to see results.

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