Essential oils to support your mental health

Essential Oils To Support Your Mental Health

Recently I started learning about essential oils after connecting with an AWESOME entrepreneur named Cary Ouellette. She has taught me so much recently about the different ways that you can use essential oils to support your mental health and I’ve got to say, I’m super into it. Between her super positive energy and how confidently she stands behind the oils she teaches about, I couldn’t help but be drawn in!

Even better, she has generously offered to share some of her wisdom and guidance with all of you lovely readers!

Here’s what she has to say:

Everyone feels emotions differently, but I bet we all can agree that negative emotions are not that much fun and can drag us down! So,  what can YOU do when you feel negative emotions creeping in? What works to maintain positive emotions varies from person to person; but in general I like to suggest physical activities, hobbies, talking openly about your feelings with someone you trust like a friend, a coach or a counselor, meditation and the use of essential oils.  All these can help you shift your mood and it is a gift to have a natural tool kit to support you when things come your way.

One of the reasons I am drawn to 100% pure and natural essential oils is because they have no side effects, are so easy to use, and I can have them with me at all times.  I really cannot carry my best friend in my pocket when I leave the house. LOL

Everyone of us feels emotions differently, one thing about them remains constant: emotions are either positive or negative. As you’ve likely experienced before, positive emotions can uplift the mood and motivate us to act in ways that maintain the positive mood. However, negative emotions can sometimes bring us down and can have far reaching effects on your overall health and perceived quality of life. What does that mean? It means negative emotions can bog you down and affect the way that your body feels and functions! Have you ever been in a bad mood and were not able to get anything done all day? UGH

If you don’t know, essential oils are the aromatic compounds that are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. I love doTerra’s essential oils because there’s nothing added or taken away from these fantastic plant extracts. And because of their purity, they have profound benefits. It is so important to use an essential oil that you have done the research on.  The companies should all share how they test and what is in the bottle.  So how do they work?  In many cases, you can start to feel the calming, soothing, or uplifting effects of an essential oil from the moment that you open the bottle. Inhaling essential oils, applying them to the skin, or diffusing them in the air allows you to quickly alter your mood because the oil will generate an emotional response within the brain from the first sniff. When an essential oil is inhaled, it travels through the nose and is processed by the portion of the brain that is responsible for controlling our sense of smell. The olfactory nerve, which is right under your nose, allows oil molecules to pass right into the limbic system straight to your brain, then sends messages all over the body in as little as 30 seconds. Wow, that’s fast!

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The most simplest way to create an aromatic experience is to breathe oil straight from the bottle. Try using when you are getting ready to meditate, a few deep breaths of an oil will help ground you. Wild Orange makes me change my mood instantly, I love to call it my happy oil!

I love diffusing in my car and when my kids start fighting…..I pass around the Wild Orange!   One caution, if you are using the oils on your kiddo’s skin, dilute with fractionated coconut oil.  Their skin tends to be a little sensitive.

Not sure what essential oil to use?  This wheel breaks down the emotional effects of essential oils even further. The chemical makeup and unique plant part of each essential oil gives it grounding, soothing, calming, renewing, harmonizing, energizing, warming, or uplifting properties. When you want to produce a specific feeling or emotion, refer back to this wheel and choose the essential oil that best fits your needs

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One thing to note, essential oils work differently for everyone. Because each oil has such a complex chemical makeup, and because aromas interact with the part of our brain that stores our personal memories and experiences, no two people will experience one essential oil in the same exact way. It is important to remember that an oil that is comforting or uplifting for someone else might not have the same effect on you.  Try out oils to see what works best for you and your family.

I invite you to add 100% pure and natural essential oils to your toolkit to help you manage your emotional health!

If you want more information, a free sample, or a fee consultation fill out this form to get started!

Cary Ouellette

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