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EFT Therapy- easy and effective

Last week, I wrote about how I started hypnotherapy a few years back. Around the same time, I also started EFT therapy in order to treat my PTSD. This was a really strong approach for me to use in conjunction with the hypnotherapy, helping to get my anxiety and panic attacks under control.

What is EFT therapy?

EFT stands for Emotion-Focused Therapy or Emotional Freedom Technique. It uses a series of tapping combined with specific repeated phrases in order to help work with your emotions. It’s very affective with healing trauma, as your emotions play a large role in how you respond to triggers in your daily life.

Emotional Regulation is key for healing.

One of the biggest effects of EFT therapy is learning to regulate your emotions. This is a skill that is often learned by most people as they go through life, however those of us who are either neurodivergent or who have gone through trauma often struggle with it. Instead, we often feel things much more intensely than others and for longer periods of time. When it comes to negative things, like anxiety or fear or anger, this can be detrimental.

EFT helps us to learn how to regulate and navigate.

Through EFT, we can learn to understand our emotions and where they come from. Once we’re able to identify them, we’re able figure out what we are actually feeling and why. (This is especially important when dealing with emotions that surface as something else; for instance when you’re sad, you may have low energy or trouble finding interest in anything.) Once you’re able to figure this out, you are able to control how you are feeling a little bit more, and challenge the thoughts when needed in order to restore balance. You can even transform them into other emotions when needed by learning to deal with the triggers and reasons behind them.

The EFT tapping technique is quick but effective.

When I say ‘quick’, I don’t mean you do it once and you’re suddenly healed. This therapy can take weeks, years, or longer. However this technique is something that you can do for a few minutes and feel some relief. It’s sort of like acupuncture without the needles, hitting certain trigger points on your body while repeating certain thoughts or phrases over and over. This aids the mental-physical connection and helps you to take control. By zoning in on these certain trigger/energy points, you can help counter depression, anxiety, panic, fear, anger and more.

You can do it by yourself or with help.

I started out doing EFT while being guided by a trained therapist. He was able to teach me the tapping points and help me to figure out phrasing in order to make it the most effective. After a few sessions with him on how to do this, I was able to start doing it by myself just as effectively. This was super helpful for me… Since it only took a few minutes, I could literally pull my car over and do it to regain control if I felt a panic attack coming on. Even just knowing I had the ability to do this helped me immensely.

Start with your phrase.

So I’m sure there are different ways to do it, but the way that I learned was to start with figuring out what emotion is triggering you and why. Then you’re able to take it and form a phrase to work with it. For example, Even though this happened, I will be okay because I am strong. Adapt it to fit however you need, replacing ‘this’ with whatever situation effected you. Just make sure to acknowledge your pain point and to work in a way to accept it. Work with it rather than try to fight it.

Start tapping.

While repeating the phrase you created over and over in your head, you’re going to do a series of taps on specific areas of your body using two fingers. The top of your head, then the center of your forehead, just above the eyes, then the outer corners of both eyes, just below your nose, below your lips, your collarbone, and the heal of your hand.

I was taught to tap the same spot continuously while repeating the phrase three times. Once you have said it three times, move onto the next spot. Continue repeating this cycle until you’re feeling better and more regulated.

Reuse as needed.

Again, this isn’t a do it once and you’re cured type of situation. There are still times years later that I return to the technique to help balance my emotions. Healing isn’t linear and sometimes we can get hit with a wave of emotions and triggers after they’ve lain dormant for years! When that happens, I pull out my journal and write out what I’m feeling and figure out why in order to form my phrase. They I start tapping.

Have you tried it? Let me know how it worked for you!

Need a journal in order to start working out your phrases? I’d love to create one for you- just click here.

And as always, whatever you’re feeling, I can guarantee that you are not alone. The same way I can promise you that you DO matter.

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