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DIY Hair Bow Holder

Any other girl moms drowning in hair bows? I know I can’t be the only one!

Granted, since bows are one of my biggest sellers over in my etsy shop and my daughter is my main product tester, she may have more than the average girl… But still, even if you don’t have hundreds of bows, you can still use a super cute way to store them!

I was sick of always having to dig in a bin to find the right color hair bow or a matching set, and then discovering that it had been crushed of flattened. With this wall-hanging hair bow holder, I can see exactly what bows we have and find the perfect one to match every outfit. Plus, it functions as room decor!

The supplies are simple:

hair bow holder supplies

  • A dowel rod: I used a .5inch one from home depot that I got for about $2. (I actually cut it in half and made two 24″ hair bow holders.)
  • Yarn: I used a combo of white and pink that I had leftover from other crafts, but you can pick up any colors to match your décor at your local craft store.
  • Scissors
How To:
  1. Okay so this part is easy, but tedious. You’re going to want to cut your yarn into a ton of equal length pieces. If your dowel rod is 24″ like mine, you’ll need a total of 180 strands. I made mine 22″ long each, which resulted in my completed project to be a length of 11″ in the center. If you want to make yours longer, go for it- just make sure they are all an equal length.
  2. Sort each of your strands into groups of three. You’re going to work with one group at a time.
  3. Fold your group of three in half, forming a loop and place it under the dowel bow holder how to
  4. Wrap the strands over the rod and pull through the loop. This will form a knot around the dowel rod.
  5. Pull the knot tight and repeat with all remaining strands, keeping them close together. If you’re using multiple colors, factor that into your placement as you bow holder how to
  6. (Optional step): Trim bottom of the yarn groupings to form a point in the center, so that the overall hanger forms a pennant shape.
  7. Cut 4 additional strands of yarn in coordinating colors, measuring 30″ each.
  8. Keeping the strands together, tie the ends to the edges of the dowel rod. This will create a long loop that you will use to hang your hair bow bow holder
  9. Hang your hair bow holder and clip your bows right onto the yarn.

Side note:

If your daughter is anything like mine, you may want to hang your holder a little out of reach. Emily loves wearing bows and is always trying to put them on by herself, but since she’s so young, she doesn’t quite understand the clip concept yet. When I first hung this in her room, she was so excited, she started grabbing at the bows and yanking on them, rather than unclipping them from the yarn. This resulted in the whole hair bow holder being yanked off the wall. When I re-hung it, I put it higher on the wall. Now when she wants her hair bows, she stands under it and points so that I can get them for her.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.

If you decide to make your own hair bow holder, I’d love to see how it turns out. Please tag me on instagram, facebook or tiktok @emilyeverafterco!

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