Therapy is for Everyone.

scrapbook page with dried flowers, womans hands and text Therapy is for Everyone.

Recently, two people who mean a lot to me have started therapy and I couldn’t be happier. (I’m talking with a third person that I care about that I think would benefit as well.)  You see, I’m a big advocate for therapy as I know for a fact that I would not be here today …

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Practicing Gratitudes for a Happier Life

scrapbook page with dried flowers, photo of woman journaling and the title Practicing Gratitudes for a Happier Life

With Thanksgiving being this weekend here in the states, I thought it was the perfect time to talk about gratitudes. While I will admit that there are days when it is REALLY hard to do, practicing gratitudes has been proven to help increase your happiness. There are a lot of benefits to gratitudes. Being actively …

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Spoon Theory

scrapbook page with dried flowers, spoons and title spoon theory

Have you ever heard someone say that they’re out of spoons? Maybe when they’re feeling burnt out, exhausted or just completely out of energy? It’s an expression I’ve used pretty often throughout the years, ever since I discovered Spoon Theory and how perfectly it describes what I’m feeling sometimes. Today I thought I’d share a …

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Burnout is real.

scrapbook page with dried flowers, title of burnout and girl with head in her hands

Lately, I’ve been taking on a lot. Raising two kids, running two businesses, home renovations, healing psychically and mentally from surgery and complications, continuing to heal from trauma and ptsd, craft fairs… All while trying to make sure that I provide an amazing supportive and loving environment for my children to grow up in, supporting …

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Using Boundaries to Choose Your Circle

friends jumping and dried flowers

I wrote last week about boundaries and how important they are to building a happy and healthy life. This week, I wanted to push further on the part about how having boundaries can help you choose the people you surround yourself with. Your circle matters. By your circle, I’m referring to the people you surround …

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Boundaries are an important part of self care.

scrapbook page with dried flowers, a girl writing no on a mirror and the title Boundaries are an important part of self care

I talk a lot on this site about self love and self care. It’s really the whole premise of why I started this site in the first place- to empower women to love themselves and treat themselves well. This week, I wanted to write about boundaries, because in my opinion, that’s the most important version …

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